Over the 37 weeks hump!

Hi Everyone! It has been so long since I have blogged, let me jump right in.

April 2015, did a FET of two embryos. Ended up becoming pregnant with twins. This is our second pregnancy. Our first pregnancy was via IVF. Transferred two embryos that time as well, but only had a singleton, our DS.

People say all the time, “I would love to be pregnant with twins. What a great way to get it over with a be done!” Well, I hate to be a dream crusher, but being pregnant with twins has been extremely difficult.

1st Trimester: Extreme nausea. This was the gagging, I can’t breathe because my food is in tiny little bits type nausea, and I thought I would die from suffocation because of the food in my throat. Diclegis helped a bit, but I only had a sample of it. Other nausea meds gave me extreme headaches so I didn’t take them. Prenatals gave me stomach discomfort, constipation, and no matter what time of day I tried to take them, or what I tried to take/eat them with, nothing helped, so I stopped taking them. (I also stopped taking prenatals with DS, I just couldn’t stand them.)

2nd Trimester: Sh*t got real. I didn’t have energy for ANYTHING. I had just started a job at a local college here, and I felt like such a failure because I just couldn’t keep up. I was so tired and stressed from falling behind at work that I had to put in my notice and resign. I was so disappointed because financially we needed that money! Hell, we are going from 1 kid to 3 kids! We are just grateful for family because they have really helped out with hand me downs, and other baby donations while we are smiling yet struggling with one income.

3rd Trimester: F*ck this sh*t! Yup that’s how I feel right now. I am so over being pregnant. I know everyone says pregnancy is such a joyous experience, but I feel like being able to bring life into this world is beautiful….brewing two babies at once, not so pretty. My legs and feet are swollen. I mean this pitting edema is on a whole-nother-level! Twin A is an olympic gymnast and kicks the sh*t out of me all day. My pelvic floor aka vagina bones hurt like crap. I can barely walk, and when my bladder is full, its excruciating to walk to the bathroom. I have resorted to wearing the Always brand adult underwear while sleeping because I am terrified that I may have a bladder spill, but I am secretly hopeful my water breaks lol. Oh yeah, my nips are dryer than four used dryer sheets. Organic coconut oil, nip cream, lotion…nothing has worked on these nips. I am delivering at a hospital that forces I mean *promotes heavily* breastfeeding, so let the cracked titty games begin.

Butttt…. at the end of the day. I am thankful to have two healthy little ones in my stomach. Two little girls will be here soon. The doctor stated that since I have Di/Di twins that I could schedule my c section at 38 weeks. (I decided on a C because I previously had one, and since it’s twins this time around, I didn’t want to try pushing out two babies when I haven’t even tried to push out one.

I am just going to pray for a safe delivery. I also would like to send positive vibes out to those who are TTC, experiencing infertility, or are pregnant and  uncomfy lol. Also, if you are reading this, and you are clutching your pearls, please don’t think I am ungrateful. I just wanted to give everyone an honest account of what I am going through. If it weren’t for A.R.T. and my faith, I honestly wouldn’t be here, so I am very grateful. Don’t ever give up. Sometimes the babies and children we raise don’t come out of our bodies, and sometimes they do. I just pray that everyone out there just remembers that they are always being watched whether it’s by your own kids, family member’s kids, or just the random kid watching you in Starbucks. Just try to remain positive and set good examples for these little ones watching.

Well please keep us in your prayers. 12/31 is the date! Thank you for reading and positive vibes to all!



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31 Married Lady From Florida, living life to the fullest. Blogging through IVF/FET/ART/PCOS.
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2 Responses to Over the 37 weeks hump!

  1. mpilivi says:

    Congrats on almost getting to your final due date! I’m scheduled for an induction myself this Tuesday at 39 weeks 3 days. Best wishes to you this upcoming week. Xx

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