Baby love

3 days til the twins are three weeks old. I am still in awe that I am a mother of three children. When my husband and I first started our fertility journey I really didn’t know what to expect… I mean IVF, and all that goes with it was just something I saw on TLC’s “A Baby Story” episodes. I never knew what really went down. The appointments, the needles, the injections, the needles, did I say all of the needles? It was a tough experience, but it was *our* experience, and I am so humbled and thankful for it. Below are are a couple of photos. I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year so far.

My birth story is fairly short. I was scheduled for my elective c section on Thursday 12/31 (38 weeks, I had Di/Di twins). The twins thought it would be better to be born on Tuesday 12/29 instead, so at 8:55am, my water sprang a leak. I wasn’t sure my water had broke at first, so I just texted my husband “I think my water may have broke.” He just told me to keep him posted. After getting up to walk to the bathroom to investigate, the leak turned into a waterfall, and I quickly texted my husband that indeed my water had broken lol. He called me, we chatted, he left work, flew home, called my mom, she flew over to the house, picked up our two year old, called the hospital, they told us to come in, we flew to the hospital…

They did the normal check ups once I got to the hospital, confirmed it was indeed amniotic fluid that I was leaking and got me prepped for my c-section. I had great doctors and nurses. That anesthesiologist was GREAT! I had a great, and easy c-section and babies came out healthy at 37 weeks 5 days! Brianna (Baby A) was 6 lbs 15oz (pictured on the right), and Brandy (Baby B) was 6lbs 4oz. No NICU time. I am so thankful for these two little healthy babies. Now that we have three under 3, I think we are done having babies. Plus, we don’t have any more frozen embryos, so unless a miracle happens naturally, I think our family is complete and I am forever grateful for the science of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Thank you to everyone out there who has followed our IVF journey and our FET journey. I wonder what the future will hold!

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31 Married Lady From Florida, living life to the fullest. Blogging through IVF/FET/ART/PCOS.
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  1. Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

    Aw, congratulations! Welcome to twin parenting – a crazy but amazing roller coaster!! So exciting and so cool to see how your family has grown since your journey first began! Amazing!!

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