Surpise Egg!

Sooooo… long story short… I am pregnant. My fertility doctor gave my husband and I about a 5% chance of conceiving on our own and wham! It happened. I have Pcos and there were some count issues on the hubby’s part. We always thought that if it diddddd happen spontaneously that it wld be a surprise baby maybe in our mid to late 30s. (I am 29, DH 30). I am so thankful, surprised, nervous, and excited. Since we have had issues with fertility we went the IVF route to have our son, and we had our frat twin daughters with the frozen embryos left over from that cycle. This is such a blessing for us. I just pray for a healthy pregnancy, baby, and safe delivery. We will have 4 under 4! If you are out there waiting for your miracle, don’t worry it will come. Sometimes you have to move on and put it out of your mind and that’s when it happens.

After the birth of our twins (they are 5 months), I went on the bc pill. My hair fell out in clumps so I stopped taking the pill. My husband and I have been together for 9 years and have never gotten pregnant without ART, so I didn’t think anything would happen anytime soon. The day my cycle was supposed to start I went to the docs for something totally unrelated. I needed meds and before they could prescribe me anything they had to do a urine test and boom it was positive. I cried happy tears and told the doc about our past fertility struggles and she started to tear up too. I texted my hubby and told him to call me asap. He called me and i told him. My hubby was Sooooo excited. This baby is truly a blessing. This is my first time in my life being pregnant without ART, so everything is so different. I am grateful, yet forever humbled by our previous struggles.





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31 Married Lady From Florida, living life to the fullest. Blogging through IVF/FET/ART/PCOS.
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2 Responses to Surpise Egg!

  1. mpilivi says:

    Congrats!!! So excited for you and your family 😊😊😊

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