Mommy balancing

SO! Life with 4 kids, 4 and under, is going okay. I am once again having Mommy Guilt. I just recently finished a contract job locally, and there my boss was very understanding and flexible when it came to me needing to flex time in order to make appointments and be there for the kids.

Almost three weeks ago, I started a new position, and there it is NOT flexible at all. I just wish I could find somewhere that is truly flexible and actually pays decent.

When I tell you I have looked into EVERYTHING! Shipt, Instacart, Uber, Lyft, Doordash, UberEats, Bite, GrubHub, VipKid, All the other sites like VipKid, ModSquad, Secret Shopping, Sitel, TTEC, All the other at CSR companies, etc… I just wish I could find a real solid job where I could just be treated like a human being. I have to clock in to 2 different systems at work. Our software and computers are horribly slow, so If I don’t get to work early, the computer will show me as late once it boots up. My coworker got coached for clocking in three minutes early from lunch. It’s just a WAY different environment and management style than what I had hoped for. I thought my days of being micro managed were over.

What does everyone do to have stable income and flexibility to support their kids? I feel like its been a constant battle for me… one that I am failing at consistently :-O I know, I know, I just started a job a few weeks ago, but yes today I called out. Not being able to have my phone out, and not having a direct line is really a buzz kill. A few minutes ago the daycare called and told me that one of my twin’s fingers got smushed in the door jam. I wouldn’t have been able to receive that call if I were at my current job. I am just looking for a job where being a mother/human isn’t frowned upon, but celebrated.

Other than my issues with finding flexible and lucrative employment, the children are doing well. My oldest is almost done with VPK, and is Kindergarten ready. I am so excited for him. The twins and my itty bitty are doing well at daycare. They love learning and I am so excited for them.

Again, JOBS. What do you do? HOW do you balance work and kids and romance? What works? What doesn’t work?

About Wonton87

31 Married Lady From Florida, living life to the fullest. Blogging through IVF/FET/ART/PCOS.
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