About ME!!!

I am just a young woman working hard every day. My name is Wanda. Husband and I used IVF to have our 1st child, a boy. We used the two leftover frozen embryos to have our frat twin girls. Baby number 4 is a Girl, spontaneous conception,  and we are excited for the future.


US: Florida Residents 🙂

Me: 29 PCOS, Insulin Resistance. Teacher HS.

DH: 30 DS. Male factor. Oligospermia. Works at a financial institution.

Married since April 2010, Together since July 2007.

For baby #1 we TTC for about 2 years. Five cycles of Metformin 1500 mg, and 50 MG Clomid (Three of those cycles with HCG injections on cycle day 12). No Success :-(!
Meds I was on: Prenatal Vitamin, Vitamin D, Metformin 1000 mg (they want me to take 1500, but my stomach just won’t allow it.

IVF Cycle #1 Started November 2012:
Injections for IVF (Menopur, Follistim, Ganerelix). Pregnyl used for my trigger shot.
Progesterone pills vaginally, Estradiol, Methylprednisolone, baby aspirin.
Ivf cycle #1 produced 4 awesomely graded embryos. We transferred two, and froze 2.
One stuck, and DS was born August 2013. 🙂

FET Cycle started in April/May 2015. Put our two frozen embryos in. They both stuck!!! DDs were born December 2015!

Carelessly stopped taking birth control pills during the early part of 2016 due to the mass amounts of hair loss I was experiencing (Thought it was from the pills). The doctor gave us about a 5% chance at conceiving on our own when we first started our TTC journey, so I wasn’t too worried… well I should have been. Spontaneous pregnancy found out in May 2016. DD is due February 2017!

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