This wait is so long

Today is 5w3d…

This Thursday is the day that I get to see how these embryos are doing. I mean I am not sure if they have both stuck are not, but I am hopeful that whatever has stuck is healthy.

I wish I knew a way to help with the scratchy throat after morning aka all day sickness. Any suggestions? Water isn’t helping. Today was my first bout with the MS (morning sickness), and it didn’t sound pretty.

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Beta results are in!

113 was my number yesterday. We are having a baby! We are excited. We have been working hard to get my uterus ready since October. Praying for a healthy baby, mama, and delivery. The nurse also said I could stop the progesterone injections and switch over to the vaginal inserts. Just went to cvs and they stillllll havent filled my script yet. *hulk smash*. Oh well, I will get it later. So excited! Sending positive vibes to all.

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5dp5dt FET Cycle

Do you see what I see?!!! Praying for the best on beta day this Thursday. We are excited! I’ve been using the walmart 88 cent cheapies with no luck, so today i went to the dollar tree for my favorite sensitive tests and boom I got this with midday urine. We are hoping and praying for the best. Sending positive vibes to all.


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2dp5dt FET Cycle

Good Morning! I think… my stomach hurts. I almost threw up this morning, and this definitely isn’t a symptom I experienced this early when I was pregnant with DS. My 5 day blasts were transferred the day before yesterday, so it has now been 48 hours since B-DAY (Blastocysts Day lol). I was supposed to return to work today, but my stomach is just way too sour. These progesterone injections also got my ass (sorry for the language) a little sore. I have been gassy, constipated, THIRSTY, tired, and HOT these last two days. I think it’s twins. One can dream right?

My first beta is May 7th. I may start poas Saturday or Sunday. I just can’t help myself. We have been waiting since November to finally get to this point and we are excited!

I am hungry with a sour stomach, and I already ate. This is going to be a long wait to Beta Day. Sending positive vibes to all!

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FET xfer day


Transfer day hooray!!! We transferred these two leftover frozen day 5 blasts today. We are excited. I am trying to relax but it’s hard so i have to keep myself busy. My beta will be May 7th. Praying and hoping for the best. The nurse joked about twin girls. We shall see! Sending positive vibes to all :-).

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Tomorrow is FET DAY! :-)

Tomorrow is the big day and I am so excited! I am praying and hoping for a great thaw, successful transfer, ,healthy pregnancy, safe delivery, and a healthy baby! During our first IVF cycle in 2012 we had 4 good grade embryos. We transferred two, and froze two. Out of the 2 we transferred we got our DS. Tomorrow we will be thawing up the other two that were frozen and transferring them. We have been trying since November of last year to get everything situated with my body and insurance and now we are finally here. Any tips for how to handle the wait period until our first beta? My son keeps me on my toes, but I know my mind will still be racing. Sending baby dust and positive vibes to all!

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Almost there…FET here we come!

My docs appt this week went well. My estrogen levels are good. Estradiol twice a day and the nurse wants me to keep it that way. I am afraid to start the progesterone shots. Any suggestions out there on how to make the progesterone shots as painless as possible? During my fresh cycle ivf I took progesterone vaginal inserts. I wish I could have those again, but I had some early bleeding which could have been from possible irritation from the progesterone inserts OR me and the hubby being naughty smh. How do you keep your morale high during this process ladies and gents? These needles hurt! Thanks for reading and providing any feedback or recommendations that you can!

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Frozen Embryo Cycle Start #2

HEY FRIENDS! Last November 2014, we began injections for our 1st Frozen Embryo transfer cycle. Unfortunately the cycle had to be cancelled due to me developing a cyst on my right ovary, and my uterine lining wasn’t as thick as the doctors would have wanted it to be. We lost a lot of money with that cycle because the insurance I had sucked and the medications were expensive, co pays were high, and the premium was 300 bi-weekly for family. UGH!!!

Fast forward… I started working at Bank of America in December 2014 (They fully covered my previous IVF cycle in 2012 when my husband worked there… since my husband no longer works there I applied my ass off to get a job there so I could get this frozen embryo transfer cycle covered… which of course they covered in full and I only had to pay 20 bucks for ALL of my medicines).

Yesterday I went for my first ultrasound. No cysts. Uterine lining is at a 5 (not sure what that means but the nurse said it looked good).

Today I started my first round of injections. Leuprolide acetate 10ml, Metformin 500 mg (that’s all I can handle, even at this low dose I get explosive diarrhea lmao), baby aspirin, Vitamin D, Prenatal, and Birth Control pills (just for a few more days).

I will keep everyone posted on this cycle. We have two frozen 5 day blastocysts leftover from our 2012 IVF cycle, so I am praying we make it to transfer day, which is August 28th. I am going to just remain positive and keep praying. Thank you for reading and your support. Baby dust to all!

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Glitch in the Matrix

Went to the doctor’s today for a routine ultrasound, and of course what do they find taking over my right ovary, a huge cyst. The also said that my uterine lining is really thin and my estrogen is really high at this part of my cycle. My nurse mentioned that it should be in the 100s 200s but it is at a high 652. She basically told me that this might not be a good cycle to do the frozen transfer with, but they will double check everything this coming Wednesday.

I was really sad to hear that news. Everything was so perfect and clear on the ultrasound at my previous appointment, so I was a bit shocked.

Lots going on. Put our townhome up for sale. We were looking for a stand alone house to rent until we could find a permanent detached home to purchase. My grandma suggested that we take over payments at their house and move in there. Needless to say, we took her up on her offer. We are setting her and my granddad up with a mini apartment on the left side of the house with one bedroom, a den, and an office. We share the kitchen and the main bathroom for now until we get one added on to their room. My husband, I, and DS we are going to be on the right side of the house. There are three bedrooms on that side and another bathroom in the master. I was hoping to get all moved in before my transfer, but I am unsure if I even need to rush anything anymore.

Hoping and praying that whenever it is meant to happen. It will happen :-).

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ROUND TWO! FET Here we come!!

Hello! It’s been too long my dear friends! Straight to the point, we are ready for baby number two! In order to have baby number one we had to go the IVF route after multiple failed clomid cycles. We were fortunate to have a healthy baby boy with our first IVF attempt! (IT CAN HAPPEN!).

Now we are ready for baby number two, and in order to hopefully get pregnant again, we are going to do a Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle. (I have two frozen embryos left over from our previous IVF cycle). We are really excited, and we are hoping and praying for the best.

This may be our last chance at conceiving with assisted reproductive technology because I have horrible insurance at my job. I am crossing my fingers and praying for the best. Anyone know of any companies with decent Infertility insurance in Florida?

Baby dust and positive vibes to you all! Here’s an updated photo of my dear Bobby! He is a big 1 year old lol.


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